I feel fairly confident becoming a Writing Center Tutor, as I feel I have a good foundation of experience helping other writers. I have been in a variety of Creative Writing classes and poetry workshops where we participate in workshops, where I’ve had the ability to read and respond to others work in a group setting. I generally don’t mind workshop, because I don’t feel like my feelings are getting hurt in the process, and I should’t be hurting anyone else’s. Workshop is mostly criticism, and I think that nothing should be taken personally in this type of exercise. I know I will need to tune up my speed of analysis when in the Writing Center: in workshop, you are often given a piece days before having to respond to it. I am worried about having to quickly respond to what I see in the Writing Center, having to read a piece of work and immediately have recommendations for it.

I have also worked as a literacy tutor for young Bridgeport kids for the past few years. I know this has helped me become more outgoing, especially in groups, and feel generally confident in the educational setting. I like to think tutoring comes kind of naturally to me, at least for the little kids. I like being with the elementary school kids because I am in a role between their peer and teacher: we can relate, but I still hold a little authority. I like being older, as I feel in control. I am curious to see how this dynamic differs in the Writing Center, since I will be working with actual peers, and how it affects my confidence going into the appointment.


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