When faced with writing a paper vs. creating a Powerpoint presentation, I am almost certain that most students would pick the Powerpoint. Even if it means a presentation comes along with it. I have come up with a few reasons why this is a preference:

  1. It’s fun & easier to tackle/organize
    1. A paper is tedious, and with so much to do it is often hard to know where to start. With a Powerpoint, you can break up all your slides to keep your points focused and organized.
  2. Less is encouraged
    1. This is the college students favorite thing. Professors want clean slides, and actually encourage minimal wording.
  3. Forced to be concise
    1. In a paper, you often get going on some elaborate explanation when trying to add to a point. This is especially true when there is a minimum page number to reach. With a Powerpoint, you give the concise facts.
  4. Don’t really need to elaborate
    1. Any elaboration you might do will come by word of mouth, during your presentation. This is easy for a lot of people, as they find it easier to explain when it’s not down in hard print.
  5. Can add more to it with media
    1. Pictures, video clips, links to other websites, etc. My Biological Anthropology professor puts together some of the best Powerpoint’s, full of interesting media, that really keeps me focused and helps me learn, compared to just lecturing in front of the class. 

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