Article: UK McDonald’s Are Including Ronald Dahl Books in Happy Meals

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.30.17 PM.png

Last year, the National Literacy Trust ran a survey and discovered that 15.4% of children in the UK do not own a book. This is a crazy number. The Literacy Trust also reports that about only half of young people in the UK report to really enjoy reading. These statistics go hand in hand, I’m sure. The Trust decided to team up with McDonald’s to try to change those numbers.

In the fall of 2015, McDonald’s began to include books by Ronald Dahl in Happy Meals instead of a plastic toy. Millions of books were distributed to children, many of whom had never owned a book before. The initiative found Dahl, with popular titles such as Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, and James and the Giant Peach, a good pick because parents could bond with their children over the books they may have enjoyed as kids.
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